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However, as it went on, the plot became pretty predictable The Divine Doctor Starts out great in the beginning and then slowly degenerates to a bit above average. My impression of female lead in the beginning was pretty good. You leave her alone she leaves you alone. FL is an ex-marine doctor, so she should have some sort of emotional bond with her country and its citizens.

This was shown several times when she saved Eventualy you will be able to notice that the FL mentality changes to some one that will do whatever she feels like From her actions so far im willing to believe that, if she was a Marine, she was Dishonorable Discharge because she is prone to use blackmail against people, take bribes, and physically abuse people.

WIVES AND DAUGHTERS: Elizabeth Gaskell - FULL AudioBook: Part 3/3

Also, I dont know about Chinese military, but in the USA military in order to get a 'high officer rank' you not only needs Experience but Time in Grade, Education College , and Awards or to put simply Trust from those higher rank than you. To put it in perspective to get a promotion certain criteria is required. The one with the best "resume" gets "hired. Earlier if you are high speed and devoted all your time to your career. Im still trying to think why her mentality reverted to that of a little girl Stacked with mental injury during transmigration process I loved this novel when I first started reading it.

I'm going to continue reading it to the end because I'm volunteering as the proofreader for the translator. However, I really don't recommend this novel if you have a problem with: -Broken Logic -The physically impossible becoming possible in completely unrealistic ways Such as a 13 year old girl holding four guns at the same time and shooting them successfully [collapse]. I reached about chapters before I stopped reading this novel.

Elizabeth Gaskell

At first I thought it was quite interesting with the pharmacy, a somewhat united imperial family and the growing love between the female protagonist and male lead, but the scheming started to become repetitive and frankly it bored me. The protagonist also started to exhibit a nasty behaviour that made it hard for me as a reader to cheer for her. In my opinion it's immediate death to a novel as soon as the MC becomes someone hard to Though I stopped reading this novel more than half a year ago, I stumbled upon the manwha and it was better than the novel since it skipped a lot of nonsense and unnecessary scheming.

Shameless oversimplification: "Adorable romance of an injured prince and his glib tongued and patient resourceful little military-princess, as they and their friends struggle to keep their country from falling apart from the inside or succumbing to foreign plots; and their relatives from killing them. There's plenty of other good Or how the side-characters are interesting and have their own depth and plenty of ability well, not all of them do, but plenty enough. Might as well just go though them briefly, First of all the premise, the FL is the daughter of the "former" first wife, and is forced back from exile along with her little brother and mother, so far not too off-track.

However it doesn't take long for her to get some reasonable amount of wealth and followers by virtue of her pre-decided marriage and some circumstances.

Why is every book named The Such-and-Such’s Wife?

Published 1 month ago. Armand lives with his father's money, without working. Anonymous More than 1 year ago Wives and Daughters is one of my favorite novels of all time. Set in English society before the Reform Bill, Elizabeth Gaskell's last novel - considered to be her finest - demonstrates an intelligent and compassionate understanding of human relationships, and offers a witty, ironic critique of mid-Victorian society. Roger Hamley 4 episodes,

So now, she's not "poor" but due to family relationships she's still part of the family. This makes for some very interesting inner struggles. The verbal sparring and counter-plots are very well done, and very satisfying.

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The main heroine also has plenty of short and long term plans that take many chapters and form slowly over time rather then being instant accomplishments as some other novels do it. The FL makes plenty of female and male friends, and unlike a lot of stories the ML is pretty cool and onboard with her modern philosophy to relationships.

There's also very few wasted words between the ML and FL, most of which is also implied "spent time together each day when [so and so] was happening".

See a Problem?

The couple comes off as adorable with their obsession for each other, rather then crazy obsessive, which is refreshing and also fits well with other elements of the story in that it's not distracting or unwelcome. If you like your romance to be lighter and with more doing and less wishy washy empty monolog, then you'll be very pleased with the way it's done in this one. The story spends just about the same time on the romance with ML as it does with establishing the relashionship with one of her more friendly sisters, some of her more important followers and so on, which is nice.

To say the truth, I loved how the novel began, the translation and the standard plot.

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The lead Feng yu heng is quite aggressive and dosent keep delaying stuff like in many other similar novels. The reason for the serious drop in rating is that I simply couldn't bear with the hypocrisy of fyh and her pettiness in handling stuff. Let me give some examples. Even cheats oughta have limits to make stuff exciting [collapse].

I have absolutely fallen in love with this tale and as such can not express my gratitude enough for the trouble of translation! So let's get down to a review, as I can honestly state this story is amazing, however this is only the case if you enjoy endless political rebutes and the cornering of the Feng family through what appears on the out side, as a twelve year old girl. This girl however has the spirit of a 29 year old from the future. It's a very fast paced read and also one that is hard to put down. As such it has taken me two days to get to the updated chapter and I shall continue to follow what comes next!

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Before the review, awesome translations. Kudos to the translation team! The plot so far is similar to other novels with female MCs so I won't say much since there are too few chapters.

What I want to point out is how much I hate how useless the mother is. It makes me furious to read that women of 'that time' tend to be weak-willed well, when it comes to the MCs mother. So yah, if you're annoyed by that, it's there. The MC has also met the ML and again, similar So far, it's still a fun read. I enjoy anything that has a female MC since there are fewer of those being translated.

I don't think she was a good-for-nothing she did manage to help her mom and brother stay alive in the Xu something village before they were fetched back and before she was transmigrated into the original's body OP but if I didn't like that I wouldn't read this sort of story. And I liked that for a change As for her enemies they were just the right amount of nasty.

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Though their powers of denial were particularly well developed. Especially the dad, who started as a decent wall for the MC to overcome, but now is turning out to be a complete fool, because he keeps turning back to old schemes that are NOT working when he could get everything he truly wants by aligning himself with the MC.

And their powers of rebirth even more so. I am totally ready to believe that Chen Yu the older sister doesn't just have the "aspect of the phoenix" but is an actual phoenix considering how many times she has made a comeback after being punished in ways that should have written her out of the story it happened at least half a dozen times. It looks as if Fen Dai the youngest sister is a baby phoenix who will rival Chen Yu in revival power soon.

Why is every book named The Such-and-Such’s Wife?

But still I was overlooking these things because they had an almost comical value, and I wanted to see how the MC would finally put an end to everything and find her HEA. The problem is that in the past chapters so chapter or so on the MC has shed all her smartness and sneakiness and has become downright outrageous. I can tolerate her whipping out a way to mass produce steel from her past life steel did exist in ancient times, though only in small quantities, after all.

Though I still don't understand how she transforms the modern technique which includes the use of electricity by using the windpower of giant bellows. And I can understand her snapping after her mother is harmed in a way even she the genius doctor cannot easily cure, and going on a whipping spree. But it doesn't look as if she's going to come back from that snap. She seems to have abandoned all reason for the easy and faster satisfaction of dealing with her enemies not with cunning but with violence. And if there's no need for violence then she just insults them in the most basic and crudest way imaginable, while extorting massive amounts of money from them, and they just agree to pay with hardly any argument They don't even feel like enemies anymore, just a bunch of people throwing pebbles in her way and for some reason she's decided she would take the time to kick every last one of them aside.

From other comments it seems this is a trend that will continue, which I find extremely disappointing, because I truly, truly adored this story. I'm taking a break. I'll probably return to it eventually, ever hopeful that I am, but for now I don't want to be more disappointed. One Word: Speechless Amazingly written, the plot keeps going and is written in such detailed and colorful way The number of novels I've read are quite a handful, thus narrowing my views on other novels so please don't blame me The plot is great, the novel is great Please continue giving updates Not the best or the worst of the genre I've read.

I didn't really find any plot points or characters that were unique, but it's still an enjoyable read. Unfortunately, I still can't get over the fact that a member of the marines, a seafaring army, doesn't know how to swim. This is actually the plot point that I remember the story by because it irks me so. Leave a Review Guidelines. You must be logged in to rate and post a review. Register an account to get started. A Hero Past the 25th. One Piece: Harem King. Uncontrollably Fond of You BL.

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The Record of God of Cooking. The World of The Nine Godheads. Oukoku e Tsuzuku I Just Want Spring Rain Translations. New Kaope rated it Other reviews by this user. November 1, Status: c New niran rated it Other reviews by this user.

Wives and Daughters Summary & Study Guide

An Every-Day Story is a. Wives and Daughters, An Every-Day Story is a novel by Elizabeth Gaskell, first published in the Cornhill Magazine as a serial from August to January ​.

One of my favorites!