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How to grow a pawpaw tree

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Sweet, creamy and fragrant, there's so much rich flavor in the Paw Paw fruit it's been described as a soft blend of banana, melon, vanilla and pineapple all in one. Do you know of any other fruit in the world that combines all these terrific flavors with a wonderfully soft texture? We don't. As if the satisfying taste wasn't enough, the Paw Paw packs twice the vitamin C content of peaches, grapes and apples.


With all of the taste and health benefits, the Paw Paw lets you have your dessert and eat it too! It is my third attempt to grow Paw Paw trees.

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First two attempts from two different nurseries ended up in only one Paw Paw surviving so far. That is why I would be careful with any comments. This time two trees came well packaged in small pots.

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Connect with. Pawpaw leaves turn yellow or gold in fall. Take care to maintain even moisture while fruit sets, as a drought may cause it to suddenly drop off. Sorry, but we can't respond to individual comments. Answer this question. The Spruce uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience.

I would like to add to this comment after at least late spring of next year to see how these two Paw Paws are doing at that time. I have ordered paw paw from multiple sources, these are by far the best I have seen. Even shipped in the heat of summer they arrived healthy sand look good in the ground now.

Was received well packed and healthy. Better than I get other nurseries. Can't wait until it bears fruit.

May be some time before the fruit will be sampled. In the meantime, we wait and watch it grow.

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Arrived in great shape. Doing quite well. A am very happy with my two trees they are doing well and thank you for your service. Growing all the way up to zone 5, this tree looks tropical, but can handle moderately cold winters. The Paw Paw brings a tropical feel to any yard with its umbrella shaped canopy and long trunk. Rich, deep, and well draining soil are ideal conditions from planting new Paw Paws. Remove any debris like grass, dirt clumps, or rocks from inside of the hole.

Watering : Paw Paw trees require adequate soil moisture, especially in the first two years after planting. Avoid over saturating, only water when soil is dry at least inches deep. A Portuguese officer wrote in the expedition notes that Mississippi Valley Native Americans were cultivating and eating pawpaw.

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Given this and other accounts of pawpaw use by Native Americans, some dating back to over 10, years ago, it is likely their often nomadic lifestyle and trade with other tribes resulted in greater distribution of pawpaw prior to European settlement. Post-settlement, some of our founding fathers also cultivated pawpaw.

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George Washington and Thomas Jefferson included pawpaw plantings in their agricultural practices. Interestingly, pawpaw is noted to have sustained the Lewis and Clark expedition for a few weeks when rations were lean, although these fruits were certainly harvested from the wild. Pawpaw fruits ripen in the fall, producing three- to six-inch long fruits that are soft-textured when ripe and have a flavor similar to banana.

Due to the extremely short shelf life of this fruit, large-scale commercial production has been overlooked. However, more productive varieties of this fruit tree have been developed commercially and are for sale to home growers. Skip to main content.