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It happened quite a lot. Now a couple of days later she had upset them again. Now Morrey changed to a slow, dopey-sounding voice. They slowly shook their heads from side to side on their long necks. Morrey shook his own head slowly from side to side. Then he carried on the story.

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Dotty was a very naughty little dinosaur, but her twin brother Dougie tried to keep her out of trouble. In fact she thought — no, she knew — she was special and different from most of the other dinosaurs, because she was from a small family of a rare species called the Mini-Flatosaurs. They were not very big, but very quick, and very, very smelly, for they loved wild garlic.

No one knew.

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No one had ever eaten one. Once Dotty got stuck in a quicksand. It had looked muddy, squelchy and fun, but no sooner had she jumped into it than she realised it was slowly sucking her down beneath the surface.

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Her parents had warned her it was a dangerous place and not to go there. That of course had been enough to make Dotty really want to go there. Fortunately Dougie had run to fetch Ploddy, who had reached out his long neck, and gripping Dotty firmly in his strong mouth, had lifted her clear. You will have guessed that Dotty was also often in trouble at the dinosaur school, which was run by an ancient lady dinosaur called Miss Brollisaurus.

She taught in a large glade in the forest. All the young ones had many uncles and aunts on the island where they lived, and they all came to visit as often as possible. When Dotty strolled into the glade, she was half an hour late. Gizmosaurus at our school!

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She was grounded by her parents for three days for that, and she missed going to the weekly dinosaur disco. Today Dotty knew she was in trouble with a capital T. Her despairing mother and father waited to hear what Dippy and Ploddy had to say. Her parents had tried really hard with her. One bright sunny day, however, Dougie and Dottie were chasing each other through the wet jungle.

Suddenly they spotted their Uncle Bessom and Auntie Dora through the trees.


They were breaking branches off some tree trunks, which had been pushed over and broken off close to the ground. Dolly answered truthfully.

Next they saw Uncle Bessom gather some large bushes and stack them over the logs. Dotty followed. Dougie was puzzled. He is the first to manage it in two million years. Nobody knows how he did it. He has sworn to eat everyone on the island.

He is called the Ramborinctus. Even the Tyrranosaurus Rex are said to be afraid of him. What does he look like? Heading this way.

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Suddenly a little face appeared around a bush. The face was attached to a little dinosaur known as Squeaky Aggie. Her voice was indeed high and squeaky. Morrey made it deliberately so. Morrey made a roaring sound and thumped his chair with his hands whilst still reading the story aloud. Dotty, Dougie and Aggie lay in a small hollow under a large bush that had lots of thick leaves.

We must smell more than ever. The angry roaring and thumping sounds were getting nearer and nearer and louder and louder. Morrey gradually increased the volume of the noises. Ebooks and Manuals

Meanwhile the Flatosaurs waited, hardly daring to breathe. The mouth was equally huge, full of long, wicked-looking, sharp yellow teeth, giving out a constant moaning roar. Now Morrey gave his best impression yet. The Ramborinctus had a lisp!

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A collection of childrens stories based on the videoville animals What causes Matilda the hen to shoot up the Foxy Club? Aided by their friend. The Gunhen published in by Andrews UK Limited This book is sold subject to the condition that it shall not, by way of trade or.

Where are you? I know you are here thomewhere. None of you will ethcape. I am the motht terrible, fearthome creature that ever lived! This, together with its lisping, boastful threats made her feel far less frightened than before. The gigantic, rather nasty dinosaur at that moment appeared to be exceedingly silly. Still the Flatosaurs waited, still scarcely daring to breathe. Uncle Bessom chose his moment well. When the Ramborinctus was only about one hundred metres away, he dashed out from where he had been hiding behind a rock and shouted things he had learned from Dotty. Yah, boo, Scruffychops!

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Yah, boo, Nobrainosaurus! Dotty could only think how brave Uncle Bessom was. He was dancing about, taunting the monster dinosaur. Unfortunately he had not noticed a patch of mud, and he slipped and fell heavily, banging his head hard against the ground. He lay there motionless, unconscious. The Ramborinctus gave a roar of triumph.

It reared up to its full height above the trees and its tuft of green hair waved like a small, ridiculous grassy flag, as it drew back ready to charge its victim. Without thinking Dotty knew exactly what to do.