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Japanese army troops have built a giant “Star Wars” snow sculpture
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Feel free to adjust your schedule accordingly, since you only pay for rides that you want to go on. You can even avail of the one day passport, which lets you on an unlimited number of rides. You can avail of over 20 attractions, most of which are thrilling enough to make you scream.

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These attractions include the "Half Pipe Tokyo", which makes use of rotations to score points, and the "Gekion Live Coaster" — the first attraction in the world that combines a rhythmic game with a roller coaster. The amusement park offers pamphlets in English and Chinese, so please use these to figure out how to play. They also have arcade games and UFO catchers.

This amusement park is basically a well-developed, large-scale game center! Namjatown is located completely indoors. This theme park is divided into 3 towns, and has a total of 14 attractions.

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Some attractions may take only 5 minutes to ride, but you may find others that will last as long as 3 hours! However, this park only provides instructions in Japanese, so please exert caution when entering problem solving attractions. Here, you may find the "Namja Gyoza Stadium", which has 11 restaurants for gyoza steamed dumplings. Think of this place as a food theme park! You can find a huge number of theme parks in Tokyo. Alongside famous sightseeing spots, why not include theme parks in your family trip? Hotels and inns easier on your vacation budget can be found in the nearby towns of Yudanaka and Shibu.

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You can see the opening scenes here. Japanese Macaque on the snow. Jigokudani monkey park. The Gassho-zukuri , or hands in prayer, farmhouses have steeply sloping roofs constructed without nails which enables them to cope structurally with the heavy winter snowfalls in the area. Snowfalls begin around mid-December in Shirakawa-go turning it into a Japanese winter wonderland for the entire season, and the Gassho-zukuri farmhouses take on a snow-covered picture-perfect look. The most popular village to visit is Ogimachi which is the biggest and has several of the traditional farmhouses over two hundred years old.

Shirakawa-go has several lighting-up events during the winter season, but from onward new regulations will be in place which require visitors to make a reservation to attend them. The villages of the Gokayama region, compared to Shirakawa-go, are relatively undeveloped touristically and still a little off the main track. Gokayama , Suganuma , and Ainokura are the best villages to visit in the Gokayama area. Traditional houses in the Gassho Zukuri Style in Shirakawa-go winter village. Gassho-zukuri house during winter in Shirakawa-go, Japan. The Sapporo Snow Festival is the largest and most spectacular snow festival in Japan.

As well as taking over the streets of the city with ice and snow sculptures in forms as diverse as Mickey Mouse to Donald Trump, the festival occupies three major sites — the Odori, the Susukino and the Tsu Dome. The week-long winter celebration in Sapporo, the capital of the Hokkaido prefecture, takes place during one week in February and attracts over two million visitors every year. Try arriving a few days before the festival starts and leaving after its finished and it could help save on airfares. The Odori site hosts the most sculptures and the biggest — some are as large as buildings.

Susukino is an entertainment and red-light district where smaller ice sculptures are distributed between the karaoke bars and various other establishments. The Tsu Dome is outside of Sapporo and offers visitors lots of snow-related activities for both adults and children. Probably the best way to see the Sapporo Snow Festival.

Visit the festival at the beginning of the week as the sculptures begin to lose shape and get dirty quite quickly. Avoid the first day if you can as its the most crowded. For some smashing fun, join in the ice sculpture destruction session on the final day of the festival. Demolition of snow sculptures immediately after Sapporo Snow Festival.

Sultan Abdul Samad Building sculpture made from snow. Tokyo positively glows during the festive season, but some areas of the city excel at illuminations more than others. The Caretta Shiodome Illuminations are undoubtedly the most impressive and longest running in the city. The yearly extravaganza begins in November and continues through to Mid-February. Two-thousand five hundred lights perform to music every fifteen minutes with an extra opening spectacular taking place at five every afternoon.

Illuminations at Caretta Shiodome in Tokyo, Japan. Caretta Shiodome Illumination in Tokyo, Japan. The Roppongi Hills Christmas Lights draw mega crowds of over seven million people every year. There are five major illumination sites though the most popular are the illuminations on Keyakizaka Street where the trees are decked with almost a million multi-colored lights. Tokyo Midtown is an urban district nearby Roppongi Hills which literally goes all out on its winter illuminations.

The Starlight Garden is a six and a half thousand square foot lawned square lit with countless lights representing the stars and planets of the universe and is the central focus of the Tokyo Midtown illuminations. Your taste buds will be treated to each distinct flavour and texture as you spoon your way through the dessert. Noble rot wine has a distinct rich sweetness like that of honey. This jelly used in this parfait is made with noble rot wine from intenrnationally revered winery Baron Philippe de Rothschild and topped with chocolate ice cream and orange.

Pour over the rest of the wine to complete this sophisticated dessert.

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Hirakata Park is an amusement park in Hirakata, Osaka, Japan, nicknamed " Hirapah". The park later an ice rink was built to increase the park's attendance during the winter months. . Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. Tokyo has many sightseeing spots to offer, so why not try out a theme park as a family? You may choose from theme parks that allow you to visit.

Vegan food has not entered the mainstream in Japan yet but more and more places are catching on. This mascarpone-flavoured vegan tiramisu is made with tofu and nuts.

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It has a refreshing taste and is sure to fill you up with its mix of tofu gateau chocolate, organic and domestic blueberries, cacao nibs, and organic coffee. Another one for the adults is this sweet made with rich raw chocolate and red wine, served together with with a fruity wine in a glass. Enjoy the bitterness of the chocolate together with the full-bodied notes of the wine. Everything will be limited-edition and available while supplies last. Adorned in Christmas colours are this bag made from soft sheep leather from Turkey and three fold purse. The inside of the bag is made with synthetic leather, and the bag itself is both light and holds plenty.

This gorgeous kit is decorated with bright-red preserved flowers and contains high-quality room fragrances from ZONA. These are limited in stock with only 5 available for each. New exciting details have unfolded for the event so fans can see what they have to look forward to. Original Superdeformed Illustrations. Original Merchandise. Themed Food. Now fans can see what all the fuss is about too! Character Announcements. Those are as follows:. Full details can be found on the Tobu Zoo homepage.

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Kobe Luminarie is an illumination festival that has been held annually since in commemoration of the Great Hanshin earthquake which hit Kobe that year on January The event has continued as a symbol of hope for Kobe and has also become a festival associated with the winter season. The entrance decoration, named Frontone, stands almost 22 meters tall with three towering gates each connected to each other. The Sparri Ara is a wide wall of lights which runs 50 meters from Frontone all the way to Kyomachisuji Crossing.

Over in the floral clock area, the Sparri Ara wall lights twinkle beside the wisteria trees.

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The lights will change and transform to the sound of the music. Attendees will also be able to pick up small gifts too as well as take pictures at the various photo spots. Talks will be held discussing the origins of Kobe Luminarie and why it started. Earthquake survivors will also talk about their real experiences. People will fill the streets and look to the sky while they wait for the chime of the bell to signal the illuminations.

We hold the memories of the people we lost 25 years ago close to our hearts. I hope we can convey our hopes and dreams and our story to our children and the young people who will bear the next generation. I hope people will be proud of Kobe which has recovered from the earthquake. I pray that the Luminarie lights will send a message of hope to the world and continue shining in our hearts for the rest of time.

Illumination Times. Event may be postponed in the case of bad weather. Tobu Zoo is set to turn on 3 million LED lights for its winter illumination event that will run from October 26 to February 11 next year. This will include a giant LED display showing music videos from Amatsuki in addition to exclusive and original videos, a 50 meter long light tunnel with Amatsuki-inspired decorations and his music playing, and more.

Snow Festival Sites

Full details are to be announced in the coming weeks. Heartful Garden Location: Heartful Garden.