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Vengo da una terra di campagna, sono cresciuto tra gli ulivi delle terre di Puglia, con queste radici. Io nelle radici ci credo. Diamo acqua a queste radici, rendiamole presenti. Massimo Bernardini, ilsussidiario. This is a general, not complete and not official list of Countries.

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Aggiungi alla lista dei desideri. Articolo aggiunto! Sfoglia la lista dei desideri. Betulia Liberata, Mozart.

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Betulia Liberata, Jommelli. Mozart, Jommelli e Paisiello: Muti racconta la scuola napoletana.

What is it like to live in Ecuador? A Day in the life.

Reviews There are no reviews yet. Please, log in to get your invitation link. Die folgende Tabelle zeigt, wie viele Beamte und Bedienstete des Rates in den Krankenstand gingen und wie lange sie krankheitsbedingt fehlten Kollegen ohne krankheitsbedingte Fehltage sind nicht erfasst; in der letzten Spalte sind auch die Langzeiterkrankungen erfasst. How many officials of the Council reported sick during the years , , and?

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Archived from the original on November 1, The Commission is concerned about the impact of US large-scale intelligence collection programmes on fundamental rights. Funding of national research systems falls within the Member States' competence, including the funding of doctoral and post-doctoral degrees. Has the Council discussed the substantial variations in the VAT applied by Member States to the yacht rental industry? This programme, if requested, can provide partial risk coverage through guarantees and equity investments to financial intermediaries i.

What was the percentage rate measured against the total number of officials in the EEAS? What were the total costs incurred as a result of the absence of officials of the Council due to illness during the years , , and? What were the average costs within the Council per official who was absent due to illness during these years? For how many days, on average, was an official of the Council absent due to illness during the years , , and? How many officials were absent due to illness for.

In , the number was 2 , in , the number was 2 , and in , 2 staff members took sick leave. Absences due to illness of Council officials do not mean additional costs for the Council, as sickness absences are in general covered by the redistribution of the workload to the staff present. Only in cases of long-term illness can the Directorates-General ask for replacement arrangements. The average number of days of absence due to sick leave working days, i. Wie haben sich die gesamten Versorgungskosten der pensionierten Beamten der Kommission im Jahr entwickelt? Wie entwickelten sich diese Verbindlichkeiten in den Jahren und?

Das Durchschnittsalter aller pensionierten Beamten betrug nach wie vor rund 71 Jahre. How has the average age of retired EU officials in changed compared to previous years? How have the overall care costs of retired officials of the Commission changed in? How have these obligations changed in and? There are currently 1 EU retired officials with German and 51 with Austrian nationality. Final figures for are not yet available. Durante , las Partes se han preparado para el intercambio de ofertas.

El Consejo ya ha sido consultado respecto a una parte de la oferta de la UE. Does the Council believe that both parties still have the political will to conclude this agreement? This exchange was supposed to have taken place by the last quarter of , at the latest. However, has now ended and this exchange of offers did not take place; it seems to have been postponed to an unspecified date.

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The EU remains fully committed to negotiate a balanced and ambitious Association Agreement with Mercosur in order to strengthen the partnership in the political, trade and cooperation fields. A first exchange of offers since , when the negotiations were suspended for several years, will be important for driving the negotiation process forward. However, both sides need to ensure that the substance is right and that conditions exist for a successful exchange. During , both parties have prepared for the exchange of offers. Currently, both sides are in the process of finalising their offers.

A precise date for the exchange of offers early this year will be fixed by common agreement, depending on progress in the work on both sides. The Syrian crisis has sparked a third wave of Palestinian refugees, as well as humanitarian tragedies such as starvation, arbitrary shelling and the siege of the Yarmouk refugee camp in Damascus. Social problems are also on the rise in refugee camps in the occupied Palestinian territories oPt , and their administrators claim that it is becoming increasingly challenging to obtain funds for social programmes in these camps.

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"Qui e Ora. Diario in Ecuador" è la raccolta in un unico volume del diario di viaggio tenutosi online e nato da un reportage compiuto in Ecuador fra settembre e. File: Qui e Ora. Diario in Ecuador (Italian Edition). Type: file. Format, pdf / ePub / txt. License: . Genre: no genre. OS: . Languages: English. Uploaded by.

The effects of the second intifada are now revealing themselves in the form of serious mental health issues among the young adults, as evidenced by incidents such as a fight between two young men in the summer of in which both men died. The refugees also suffer from the inaccessibility of the Israeli labour market, a bad water and sewage network, high population density and overcrowded schools. Frequent settler and army raids are not making the situation easier.

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Are there any figures available on both direct and indirect funding to Palestinian refugee populations within the oPt? The EU is greatly appreciative for UNRWA's work in very difficult circumstances and will continue to fully support the UN agency, which is a force for stability in the region. The EU also will continue to encourage other donors to support the agency's crucial work.

In der Richtlinie werden keine Einzelheiten geregelt, etwa hinsichtlich der Qualifikation des Personals, das in Hafteinrichtungen arbeitet. The Vordernberg Immigration Detention Centre in Austria has already featured in national media on a number of occasions, as people are apparently being held there while they await deportation. It is emphasised that the Centre is not a prison and that care is taken to provide the most humane accommodation possible. Scepticism about this amongst the Austrian public is prompted primarily by the fact that the detention centre is staffed by 55 police officers and 68 employees of the private security firm G4S.

This is the first time that duties in a public institution of this kind have been put in private hands. The question arises as to whether employees of a private security firm can meet the same training standards as trained police officers and whether it is acceptable that the number of private staff exceeds the number of police. Does the Commission intend to issue a regulation to lay down precise requirements for security staff in immigration detention centres?

If so, how does the Commission intend to ensure that private staff employed in immigration detention centres are capable of meeting those requirements and have received the necessary training in dealing with people from immigrant backgrounds? It does not regulate details such as the qualification of staff working in detention facilities. This does not imply that Member States are entirely free in their choice of staff.

According to the Return Directive, detainees must be treated in a humane and dignified manner with respect for their fundamental rights and in compliance with international law.

Manual Qui e Ora. Diario in Ecuador (Italian Edition)

As well as possessing well-developed qualities in the field of interpersonal communication, the staff concerned should be familiarised with the different cultures of the detainees and at least some of them should have relevant language skills. The Commission will use these CPT standards as a benchmark in its evaluation of detention facilities in Member States. Nuove agghiaccianti rivelazioni giungono praticamente quotidianamente da parte della talpa della National Security Agency americana, alla base dello scandalo Datagate.

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Secondo le ultimissime rivelazioni, rilasciate dal noto quotidiano inglese che si sta occupando della vicenda, la NSA avrebbe raccolto fino a milioni di sms scambiati tra utenti nel mondo, usandoli per estrarne dati che vanno dalla localizzazione al network di contatti, fino a dettagli sulle carte di credito e i piani di viaggio personale. Secondo il giornale, un'agenzia d'intelligence britannica avrebbe anche usato le informazioni raccolte. Le preoccupazioni riguardano in particolare l'accesso, da parte degli organismi di intelligence statunitensi, ai dati trasferiti nell'ambito dell'accordo UE-USA sull'approdo sicuro Safe Harbour.

New and disturbing revelations are reaching us practically on a daily basis from the mole at the American National Security Agency in the context of the Datagate scandal. According to the paper, a British intelligence agency has also made use of the information collected. Although the NSA is continuing to present its line of defence that the Agency's operations are not indiscriminate or dissociated from investigations currently in progress, the aim of which is to combat and frustrate the threat of terrorism, one cannot but express increasing concern in the face of the penetration of such activities into the lives of European citizens.

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It intends to present an opinion on proposals imminently to be presented by President Obama in relation to the actions of the NSA? It intends to launch a study on the cybernetic tools available to strengthen the security and defend the privacy of European citizens? The Commission is concerned about the impact of US large-scale intelligence collection programmes on fundamental rights. This will provide the necessary legal stability by ensuring that non-EU companies, when offering services to EU consumers, respect EU data protection law, with dissuasive sanctions.

Any revision of that directive will take into account the negotiations on the data protection framework. Circuses that employ animals represent the most unacceptable face of treatment of wild animals in the European Union: the animals are forced to survive in lorry trailers, in unreal and unnatural surroundings, and trained using aggressive and physically violent behaviour to do their job of entertaining the spectators. These circuses, whose publicity is based solely on misleading European boys and girls, lag far behind on other animal welfare issues in nearly all Member States.

This is due to the strength of a number of pressure groups that have done all they can to prevent progress towards banning the use of live animals in unnatural spectacles. It is bizarre to think that a tiger who lives in a cage and spends its days jumping through hoops of fire, or gregarious species such as elephants and rhinoceros who, in their natural habitat, walk miles every day, could have a decent life in a circus.

The alternative is the reputable employment niche of international shows such as the Cirque du Soleil, which encourages creativity and a spirit of professional improvement without harming or exploiting wild animals. Is the Commission considering the implementation of any measures restricting the use of wild animals in circus shows? Is the Commission aware of studies questioning the use of animals in circuses, such as the study conducted by researchers from Bristol University?

The Commission is informed that Member States have different policies regarding the keeping of wild animals in circuses. However, the Commission is of the opinion that the correct application of the principles of subsidiarity and proportionality requires that the banning of wild animals kept in circuses for purposes of animal welfare is not a subject matter that should be decided upon at the European Union law level but rather should be left to the Member States concerned. In view of the above, the Commission does not intend to make legislative proposals aimed at banning the use of wild animals in circuses and other similar enterprises for reasons of animal welfare.

Its objective, from the outset, was clear: to help Iraq to rebuild after the war, by contributing to the training of Iraqi civil servants in the police, justice and prison administration services. But is it really possible to talk about success when claimed the most victims in Iraq since? We have a responsibility with respect to the Iraqi people. Are we forgetting the importance of justice and law enforcement agencies in establishing a strong and recognised rule of law?