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Please enter a valid email address. Walmart Services. Get to Know Us. Customer Service. In The Spotlight. Shop Our Brands. All Rights Reserved. Gall patron saints Gallus, Magnus, Otmar and Wiborada. Includes color portraits of saints Wiborada and Otmar the latter bound into the wrong location in the manuscript; the portraits of Gallus and Magnus have been lost. Gall between and The oldest German language version of the life history of St. Gall religious community, for the Benedictine nuns of the Cloister of St.

George above St. Gall in the year With decorated initials and borders. Manuscript collection produced at the monastery of St. Gall, containing the oldest known surviving version of the Casus sancti Galli by the monk Ratpert, in a copy from about Additional longer texts, written down between the 9th and 13th centuries contain sermons by the early Church fathers, a register of the abbots of St. Gall from the 7th through the 13th centuries, hymns, and excerpts from the Collectio Canonum by Pseudo-Remedius as well as the Micrologus by Bernold of Konstanz.

Written in the scriptorum of Lisieux, this item had already been obtained by the monastery of St.


A copy of the excerpts made by Junianus Justinus from the lost history of the world Historiae Philippicae by the Roman historian Pompeius Trogus, produced in the 9th century, probably at the Abbey of St. At the end of the text is the famous Old High German St. Gallen scribal verse: Chumo kiscreib filo chumor kipeit. It is illustrated with 45 six-by-thirteen-line fully colored initials, possibly by the hand of Bavarian miniaturist Hans Rot. Decorations include numerous simple and intricate vine borders with acanthus leaves, in which a wide variety of animals frolic, and in which one can find many of the flowers of the region.

The Romance of Alexander remained one of the most popular prose romances in the German language until Gall, by the hands of eight different scribes.

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It is the history of the Appenzell Wars and of the Old Zurich War from the point of view of the losing side: the eastern Swiss nobility. Illustrated with several color sketches of battle scenes and coats of arms.

This volume was obtained by the Abbey Library of St. Gall from Glarus humanities scholar Aegidius Tschudi in The oldest copy of the Chronicle of Konstanz by Gebhard Dacher, made between and by the author himself and illustrated with a series of colored pen sketches, among them the oldest known view of the city of Konstanz.

Obtained by the Abbey Library of St. Gall in the 18th century, at the latest. Gall, produced in the second half of the 9th century. This text consists of a a wide-ranging collection of falsified papal letters and papal decrees from late antiquity. Numerous—real—letters of Pope Gregory I are found in the rear of the codex. A two-part codex containing a copy of the Acts of the Second Council of Constantinople , likely written by St.

Gall copy of materials assigned the title Quaestiones Hebraicae in I-II Regum, I Paralipomenon , which includes a commentary written by the church father Jerome on the first two books of Kings and a fragmentary commentary on the Old Testament books of Chronicles.

A canon law manuscript from the first half of the 9th century, produced in the southern German-speaking region, probably in Bavaria.

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It contains, among other items, versions of the so-called Collection canonum Vetus Gallica with an appendix, Charlemagne's Capitulary of Herstal, the so-called Excarpsus Cummenai and, under the title De triduanis ieiuniis consuetudine , an incomplete copy of a set of guidelines for fasting. Composite manuscript of juridical and theological content from the 10th century, probably from the Abbey of St.

A collection of juridical works from around , not produced in the Cloister of St.

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Gall, but in a thus far unidentifiable scriptorium in the eastern Frankish empire. Manuscript compilation consisting mainly of canonical content from the second quarter of the 9th century, probably not written in the monastery of St. Gall, but evidently present in the Abbey Library of St.

Gall after Impressive law manuscript from the Carolingian period, produced in the third quarter of the 9th century, presumably in Reims. Carolingian collection of statutes produced in western France in Latin in the first quarter of the 9th century, includes the Lex Romana Visigothorum collection of Roman laws enacted by the west Gothic King Alarich II.

This item reached the monastery of St.

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Gall early on, was later removed, and was recorded as being in the possession of the scholar Aegidius Tschudi during the 16th century. It was sold by his heirs in to the Abbey Library of St. The incompletely preserved Edictum Rothari is the oldest extant copy of the early medieval law of the Lombards as decreed by King Rothari in The largest portion of the fragments, which were bound together in the present volume by Abbey Librarian Ildefons von Arx in , is found at the Abbey Library of St.

Gall were rebound into a new volume, in a fashion that does not exactly follow conservational guidelines, together with black and white photos of the fragments that are in Karlsruhe and Zurich. The photos were then removed from this by restorer Martin Strebel in At the same time, this manuscript, which is significant to the history of law, was rebound using the latest book restoration techniques, thanks to the Friends of the Abbey Library of St.

Gall, which covered the costs of the work. Manuscript compilation from the first quarter of the 9th century, possibly written in Bavaria. Gallen covering the years through Small format manuscript for regular use with a Capitular document collection from the time of Charlemagne. It contains numerous regulations enacted by Charlemagne between and , in good, excellent, and sometimes unique surviving versions.

It contains, among other items, the Capitularies of Herstal from and the famous Admonitio generalis of Charlemagne from Excellently conserved original Carolingian binding. A compendium of 39 medical texts by known and unknown authors, produced in the second half of the 9th century, most likely in northern Italy, already obtained at an early date by the Abbey Library of St. This codex includes—sometimes in unique exemplars—an alphabetically ordered Greek-Latin herbal glossary, the treatise De re medica by one Pseudo-Plinius Physica Plinii , and a longer medical tract entitled Liber Esculapii.

Collection of medical manuscripts from the monastery of St. Gall, written in about , with five longer and several shorter medical-pharmaceutical treatises, representing in some cases the best, or even the only surviving copies worldwide. Among these may be found, for example, Pliny the Younger's chapter on medicine, the Medicinae ex oleribus et pomis Medicines from vegetables and fruits by the Roman agrarian and medical author Gargilius Martialis 3rd century , and the treatise Oxea et chronia passiones Yppocratis, Gallieni et Urani , which is found in very few manuscript copies.

This manuscript also includes on page 82 a magic sphere for predicting life and death. A collection of ten assorted medical tracts, written in the first half of the 9th century in an Insular, likely Celtic, script with continental influences. A collection of medical texts in a small-sized manuscript with selections from works by the ancient Greek physicians and authors Hippocrates about BC , Galen about about and Oribasius about , written in Insular?

A small-format compendium of ten different medical texts, produced shortly after in an unknown scriptorium, probably in Italy. The contents also include a treatise by the Greek physician Anthimus in the form of a letter to the Ostrogoth king Theoderich "On the diet" De observatione ciborum , through which we gain insight to the nutritional habits of one Germanic people. A school manuscript from the Abbey of St. Gall containing texts for the subjects of dialectic and rhetoric. The texts were copied around the end of the 9th century and during the 10th century and contain a multitude of Latin and Old High German glosses as well as numerous glosses in dry point from the 10th through 12th centuries.

Copy of De consolatione philosophiae by Boethius, produced in the 10th century in the monastery of St. Gall, with various Latin and Old High German glosses.